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I am new to moomie and could do with some experience sharing.

My LG is almost 9 months old (can't believe how time is flying). She is exclusively breastfed and has a healthy milk appetite. We started solids when she was 5 months because she wasn't sleeping very well and the Paed recommended it. Made no difference to her sleep B) But she was happy to try her teaspoon of pureed food. Around the 7 month stage she all of a sudden point blank refused to eat solids. Shut her mouth, arched her back and would throw a little tantrum. We didn't push it because she was still breastfeeding like a champion.
So she is almost 9 months old and is still not eating much. I have found though if I carry her and walk around the house showing her pictures, trees in the garden and our dog playing she will open her mouth and eat the food. Or if we are out at a restaurant and there are a lot of people walking around she will eat then too.

We have also offered her her own food to eat and she will always attempt it, but after the food touches her lips she chucks it overboard. The only thing she has taken a fancy to is cracker bread. She will suck (no teeth) and pull on it for 15 minutes or so and really get through a lot. It isn't however food that I want her to eat too much of.

My paed gave me some very useful advice ( which is unusual I feel ) that she will tell me what she likes and when she likes it. But I am worried that if I don't walk around feeding her she won't be getting enough food / energy. She is an extremely active crawler and baby. I am sure most first time moms say this but really feels like she doesn't stop all day long.

Anyone experience something similar? What did you do?

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