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5 years 1 month ago #280726 by Jay-Bee01
Hi Ellam.  I had a terrible and traumatic experience with my first at Louis Leipoldt as well.  I know it's a long time ago that this was posted but did you birth at Durbanville?

* TTC baby #1 for 1.5 years
(tried naturally for 1 year - anovulatory cycles)
(medicated Fertomid cycles for 5 months)
BFP - 1 Sept 2015 - un medicated cycle
TTC baby #2 - October 2017
BFP - 3 January 2018

TTC baby #3 in 2021

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6 years 3 weeks ago #279911 by Simone.A
Hi ellam,

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at Leipoldt Hospital.

I had the opposite situation - I had my first baby at Durbanville, and it was not a good experience. And then my second at Leipoldt, which was a wonderful experience.

I don't know what made your first birth a bad experience? Mine was because of a c-section that I was manipulated into. I really wanted a normal birth, and was told by the gynea at Durbanville Mediclinic that it wasn't possible. The c-section was a bad experience for me.

I then went to a new gynea at Leipoldt, one that is known for doing normal deliveries, and he was great - I had a natural birth, VBAC, with my second, and that was a wonderful experience.

So my experiences was based on the type of delivery and the gynea. The hospitals themselves, where mush of the same for me. Staff, food, etc, where pretty much the same. Maybe Leipoldt was even better for me, but the again I cannot really compare, as the care differs significantly when you have c-section or normal birth.

I do not know any gynea's at Durbanville, other then the one I went to. I don't know Dr Mike or Dr Jana unfortunetaly.

I am expecting again, and this time I need to change gynea, again! Because the great gynea at Leipoldt doesn't do deliveries anymore. I have started doing homework, and read that Netcare Kuilsriver is a great maternity hospital. And offcourse if you want 5 star care, there is Origin Maternity Hospital in Panorama.

Hope you find the right doctor and hospital!!

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6 years 3 months ago #279363 by ellam
Hi Ladies

I need advice.

I would like to have my second baby at Durbanville Mediclinic. Could you please give me an indication of your experience with the hospital? I had such a horrible experience at Louis Leipoldt with my first child, I just want to avoid the same from happening at Durbanville Mediclinic.

Also, I don't know the gynae's at this hospital.

How will you rate Dr Mike Kleyn and Dr Jana Billson - I have an appointment with both, but need to cancel one and not sure which one. I already know that Dr Mike Kleyn is much cheaper than Dr Billson (and for that, any other doctor practicing at Durbanville Mediclinic).

Please help a very confused, stressed, and nauseous (morning sickness :sick: ) mommie :unsure:

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