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Hi Vasani85 firstly I am sorry for your loss - something I understand all too well having lost a number of babies. My words of advise - do not rush to have another pregnancy why? Believe it or not you need to grieve a little- you probably think getting pregnant again will make you feel better about this loss it - it won't. Secondly you body does need some time to recover from this especially after you had a d&c. Your chances of a successful pregnancy will be better if you have a wholesome well recovered body. About the Gynae of you did not feel great about the doc get see another one, normally ask the nurses at the hospital they are usually honest about who is best. There will always be a risk of miscarriage in pregnancy you just have to take it one day at a time. Remember to talk to your husband- you are both hurting

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On the 12/12/16 at 10 weeks we lost the baby we were TTC for over a year now. We had an emergency D+C. The beeline lasted about 2 days and now we wait for the 2 week check up.

My Gynecologist (Dr Hurwitz) performed the D and C. He said we should not have unprotected intercourse. Here are my questions and worries:

1. Is it that bad to fall pregnant that quickly? I just don't know about waiting and letting the sorrow mellow further down the line.

2. I didn't and my husband didn't like the Gynecologist. Is there another doctor at Parklane that I should try? I would like a doctor that does not rush us in appointments and takes the time to explain. Most of the questions we asked, went unanswered.

3. If I am to wait for about 2 AF's what is the risk of another miscarriage?

Very nervous lady

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